Easton, MD
Tidewater Inn - Gold Room
2018 Scholarship Awards Breakfast
Sat, May 12, 2018 9:00AM to 10:30AM (Eastern)
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Hosted by Mid-Shore Community Foundation
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On Saturday, May 12, 2018, MSCF will recognize the recipients of its 2018 scholarships.  The recipients and their guests, past scholars, teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and MSCF donors, volunteers and staff are invited to breakfast at the Tidewater Inn Gold Room beginning at 9:00 a.m.   

Attire is business casual (no jeans).

It is hoped that this opportunity to connect and reconnect our scholars with our board and committee members and donors will help foster a true appreciation for the generousity that makes our scholarship program possible.

Congratulations to our 2018 scholars and their support systems -- it takes a community!

Robbin F. Hill
Chief Program Officer

Kashia Adams
Shi Adams
Jessica Algier
Gina Anciano
Jean Anthony
Joe Anthony
JoAnn Asparagus
Jeff Baker
Drew Baker
Stacey Baker
Bekah Baker
Jacques Baker
Anna Baker
Royce Ball
Ginger Ball
Amy Bednar
Greg Bee
Zachary Bee
Bobbi Bee
Jody Bee
Madison Bee
Gary Bee
Michaela Beggins
Virgina Belay
Donneshia Benson
Howard Beulah
Cheryl Beulah
Frank Biskach
Jeannie Biskach
Morgan Biskach
Clairdean Black
Catherine Blizzard
Kathy Bridwell
Shelly Brohawn
Jamie Brohawn
Isis Broussard
Aniya Broussard
Tim'Mia Brown
JR Burkhardt
Cameron Byrd
Ken Carter
Kathryn Carter
Art Cecil
Susan Chaffinch
LaMonte Cooke
Joniya Copper
Joniya Copper
Joniya Copper
Fred Coulbourn
Kelley Cummings
Kendrick Daly
Dina Daly
Greg Dawson
Charlene De Shields
Melissa DeLuca
David DeLuca
Meg DePasquale
Anthony DePasquale
Katherine DePasquale
Kathy Deoudes
Claire Dowd
Bill Dowd
Cathy Dowd
Matthew Dyer
Matthew Ellingsworth
Brian Fagh
Michael Faulkner
Tonya Faulkner
Emily Faulkner
Sarah Fauver
Stephen Fisher
Charlyn Fisher
Charles Fitzgerald
Nancy Fitzgerald
Ginny Fleming
Tom Fleming
Dameon Fletcher
Aimeerae Gilberto
Raven Gill
Daren Gill
Melissa Gill
Dianna Greene
Angel Greene
Hunter Guerra
James Handy
Azalie Haro
German Haro
Remi Haro
Trish Harwood
Brooke Harwood
Miniah Haythe
Keasha Haythe
Marcus Haythe
Mike Henry
Tyriqua Henry
Kristina Henry
Priscilla Hilliard
Priscilla Hilliard
Nathan Howeth
Van Howeth
Kelly Howeth
Kirk Howie
Jaylen Howie
Karen Hudkins
Ann Jacobs
Ja'Ayr Jenkins
Ja'Ayr Jenkins
Joanne Jesilionis
Charles Jesilionis
Rachel Jessee
Heather Jessee
Nikita Johnson
Yasmeen Johnson
Asia Jones
Kristi King
Leah Krotee
Kadie Laramore
Kadie Laramore
Charles Lerner
Allison Loeffler
Suzanne (mom) Loeffler
Harriette Lowery
Eric Lowery
Alyssa Lucero
Ina Lucero
Emily Mank
Peter Markano
Danielle Matthews
Joshua Matthews
Kenneth Matthews
Sandy McAllister
Lois McCoy
Ed McNeal
Pat McNeal
Debbie McQuaid
John McQuaid
Annie Mewborn
Annie Mewborn
Brandon Morris
Sarah Morris
Lorna Morris
Fil Morrison
Brion Morse
Anne Morse
Tara Morse
Anne Morse
Judy Morse
W. David Morse
Judy Morse
Mary Ellen Olcese
Penelope Pattenden
Colin Pattenden
Patrick Perry
Lauren Pierce
Richard Potter
Margaret Rennels
Amy Riley
Madison Rolf
Sarah Ronayne
Darin Roser
Ellie Roser
Mickee Roser
Lynn Sanchez
son of Sanchez
Sydney Schilling
Anna Grace Schilling
Natalie Schilling
Heather Scott
Steve Scott
Riley Scott
Barbara Seese
Sam Slacum
Melissa Slacum
Micah Slacum
Ryan Smith
Gene Smith
Jason Smith
Kathleen Smith
Jensen Smith
Lori Smith
Tyler Smith
Sanaa Smith
Larry Stafford
Melinda Stafford
Brianna Stafford
Jo Ann Staples
Jessica Stershic
Lee Sutton
Allyn Sutton
Paul Sutton
Mary Taylor-Acree
Beth Terhorst
Margaret Tessier
Jerome Thomas
Lynn Thomas
Paige Thomas
Beth Thomas
Melissa Tippett
Pete Tippett Jr.
Pete Tippett Sr.
Shelby Turner
Jack Turner
Tonya Turner
Moorhead Vermilye
Wysetta Warren
Hunter Whitby
Vickie Wilson
Judy Wolgast
Brenda Wooden
Kelson Wright